hReader iOS Mobile Application Security Audit

hReader - The secure mobile health platform for all of your data.

hReader – The secure mobile health platform for all of your data.

Here’s a report from the first publicly released security audit of an iPad app using the iMAS developed open-source security libraries. This report shows that securing an iOS app isn’t too difficult, can greatly improve security without affecting usability, and tools are now freely available (at Project iMAS).

iMAS - Defense for your iOS App

iMAS – Defense for your iOS App

iMAS has partnered with hReader to bolster the Apple provided security model. The developers added iMAS security controls to the application resulting in an experience that proved to be a great test-bed and partnership. hReader is a patient-centric mobile health data manager that securely provides patients and their families with their complete health information. To learn more about the application, go to or check out their source code.

hReader Security Audit technical report is now available. The report describes a security audit conducted on hReader in the summer of 2012 and it details the resulting, measured security compliance increase along with the labor costs. Based on this, the iMAS community can add measured security to their applications in a cost effective manner. To read more about this, please read the full report here

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